Responsible Business Awards

The Isle of Man Responsible Business awards is the recognition and celebration of public, private and third sector organisations and individuals who have demonstrated a strong commitment and achievement of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). They have contributed to the Island’s economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.

Employers that act responsibly internally and externally toward their people and community should be applauded. The Responsible Business Awards showcases organisations that have gone above and beyond their corporate social responsibilities, taking it not just as policies and practices, but something that runs throughout the very heart of what they do.

The awards also aim to recognise and congratulate leaders, employees and individuals who have displayed significant role models in championing and commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and community.

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Highlights from ReBAwards

Congratulations to all the winners of ReBAwards. We also appreciate all who participated or contributed to the success of this initiative.

2019 Awards Categories

Below are the categories for the Responsible Business Awards 2019.

Workplace Responsible Business initiative of the year (Public, Private, Charities)

This award showcases a CSR initiative moving the organisation towards a more sustainable and responsible future that will contribute to harmonious relationships at workplaces, organizational productivity, business continuity and growth. The initiative will highlight the development of capabilities building including employee training and development, workers’ rights and responsibilities within their workplaces and across the value chain. The initiative may also seek to minimise the organisation’s impact on the environment, creating a distinctive business in a responsible way.

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EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) Champion of the Year (Education, Health Care, Public, Private and Charities)

The EDI Champion of the Year recognises an individual who has shown outstanding initiative to promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion internally and/or externally, making a positive difference in other people’s lives through social justice, equality and inclusive initiatives. The Individual may have been appointed to an EDI role or may have taken an EDI initiative as a personal ambition to educate and support their peers toward EDI standards.

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Environmental Leadership Initiative of the Year (Public, Private, Charities)

The Environmental Leadership initiative of the Year award recognises achievements of an organisation or an individual that has contributed to a better living conditions of all, within our environment. These include the air we breathe, the land we live on, the water we drink and the climate around us. The achievements within the Isle of Man would be in line with any of the EU’s Environmental priorities objectives that encourage us to live well within the limits of our planet.

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Positive Role model (Age, Disability, Gender, LGBT, Ethnicity, Entrepreneur)

A role model can be a family member, friend, coach/mentor, teacher, community leader, colleague or a neighbour. The positive role model for each of these sub categories celebrates achievement of an individual who has campaigned against any form of discrimination, promoted disability rights, gender equality, Ethnicity and LGBT Rights. The positive role model is also someone who has accomplished great achievement and entrepreneurship despite their age, circumstances or condition and in doing so, would have inspired others.

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Inspirational Leader of the Year.

The Isle of Man inspirational leader of the year award is a way for people to thank those who take on the tough responsibility of being a leader in life and do it well. It might be employees wishing to thank a manager who has gone that extra mile for staff to make sure their life at work is as enjoyable as possible. But it could also be someone who has led or inspired a team through a difficult time, or perhaps led them on a journey to the top of their field. A good leader might also be one of the team member, always ready to roll their sleeves up and set an example to the rest, or it could be someone who knows how to get the best out of their colleagues.
This award is not restricted to those at the very top, because leaders can be found at every stage of life and every stage of the workforce. Life needs leaders, and the good ones should be celebrated

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Top Inclusive Organisation of the Year (Public, Private and Charities)

The Top Inclusive organisations awards celebrate organisations of all sectors that do not only have diverse individuals involved but, more importantly, they are learning-centred organisations that value the perspectives and contributions of all people, and they incorporate the needs and perspectives of all their Staff, Clients and Communities.

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Isle of Man unsung hero of the year

This award recognises the outstanding efforts of an individual or a team volunteering for good causes on the Isle of Man. It promotes the importance of volunteering to the community whether in fund raising or donating their time to help a charitable organisation achieve its goals or developing grass root sporting activities.

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Community Initiative of the Year (Public, Private, Charities)

This award is for community projects that have been planned and executed with excellence, demonstrated wide reaching benefits to stakeholders, including the organisation and community involved on the Isle of Man and beyond.

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CSR Life time achiever

The Life Time achiever award for outstanding contribution to CSR will recognise an individual who has made a significant and long-term contribution to the CSR role over a period of time with tangible impact on the organisation and Community on the Isle of Man.

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As a sponsor and supporter of the Responsible Business Awards, you and your brand demonstrate the value you attach to strong Corporate Social Responsibility.

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We will publish a list of those charities as part of the shortlist announcement. If you would like to offer your support in this way please express your interest now by sending us an inquiry so we can contact you in due course.

Advertisement in the Awards Magazine

This is an opportunity for organisations to not only contribute to the success of the Event but to highlight their organisation’s values to the Event’s Guests and readers of the Magazine. This can be a half page or a full-page advert, the content of which is designed and sent to us by the subscriber for publication.

Your Hosts

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The ReBawards Judges

Here are the Judges for the Isle of Man Responsible Business Awards 2019.


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